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     Tommy McInnis was born in Staten Island, NY to working class parents. His mother worked in banking, and his dad worked as a real estate agent. Tommy got his first taste of the arts in the 6th grade. His teachers noticed that he could actually carry a tune, so he was called upon to sing solos in school music pageants. His next venture wouldn't come until he was a young adult. Having no stage experience, but having a desire to be of service, he became part of a theater group that was formed to raise funds for a church in Manhattan's Upper East Side. Writing sketches and performing as various characters, the show was very well received, with the performance being sold-out. So, they put on another one a year later, playing to three sell-out crowds.

     It would then be a very long time, about 25 years, before the arts would call upon him again. Tommy's close friend and former coworker decided to approach him about a book idea. Having a questionable past, but coming out of it, and building a career based upon his own past experiences, this became the subject of their book, Last Stop: A Survivor's Story. For Tommy it was a healing and sometimes painful look at a past he thought he'd rather soon forget. But, with things the way they are, he has been trying to move his story from the page to the screen, so he wrote a screenplay. Right now, the screenplay based on his homelessness is in the hands of several people, including his agent, several other agents of actors he thought would fit certain roles, and two production companies. (Crossed fingers.)

     Since the beginning of 2012, he has returned to acting. Having landed several roles in films and television, it makes him wonder why he hadn't gone back into it sooner. Tommy currently has his own project in the works. The short comedy, "Mafia's Anonymous," taken from the stage show he wrote and performed in many years ago and rewriting it for the screen, and a second feature film which he wrote and is negotiating now with the producers.


2010 - present

2010 - present

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